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Blackjack is called by the name vingt-et-un which implies 21 in French. This game originated in France. The basic idea of online blackjack gambling is to have a hand value closest to 21. You need to possess a hand value greater than the dealer without exceeding 21.

Value of cards:
The cards from two to ten have their face value, which means 8 of hearts has a value of 8 and so on. The color and the suit of the cards are not important in this game. Kings, Jacks, and Queens have a value of 10. The last card left out in the deck is the Ace. Ace is a special value card in the blackjack game since it can count as 1 or 11. You can decide what the value of the ace should be based on the hand you have. You should be conversant with the hand values before learning the game.

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Winning Blackjack:

There are two strategies to win blackjack.

  1. You need to end up with a hand total higher than dealer’s hand without busting (to bust is to have a hand total more than 21).
  2. The second way to win blackjack is for the dealer to bust by exceeding 21. It is important to note that if the dealer exceeds 21 and you have a hand not exceeding 21 you are the winner.
  3. Subsequent to the placing of bets, you and the dealer receive two cards at the beginning of the game.

Online blackjack guide

Hitting and Standing:
After the first two cards are dealt, you must decide whether you need to get another card (Hit) or not draw more cards (Stand).
Doubling Down:
After you are dealt with the first two cards, but before you draw any cards, you can decide to double the wager and take one more face up card. This is an excellent way for you make some money. The best time to double down is when you possess 11 and the dealer has a 5 or less showing.

Splitting Pairs:
When you are dealt a pair, before drawing any card you can opt to split the pair into two hands and separately play both the hands. This doubles your wager as each hand needs an individual wager. You can play each hand as normal hand, unless the split pair is a pair of Aces. In case you split a couple of Aces, you can draw only single card for each hand. Most casinos permit you to continue to split the hand if you continue to get pairs. Splitting Aces and Eights are most advisable and this is a tried and tested strategy.

If the dealer displays an ace you can decide whether you need insurance. Insurance is against the dealer if he makes a blackjack. Usually the insurance is 50% of the original wager, in case the dealer has a blackjack the insurance bet is paid to casino, but you don’t lose your original bet. In case the dealer does not possess a blackjack, the insurance bet is paid to casino and the play continues normally. Insurance is often a losing bet for you, thus be sure to wager before placing money on insurance.

Here you give up your hand. Surrender is made after the cards are dealt and before you draw any other cards. Surrender means withdrawal from the game. This implies that you can surrender before folding your hand. It costs you half your wager.

Blackjack terms:

Blackjack Hand:
This is simply a one player hand. This game also has multi player or multi hand variants. Rules of these variants are same as in classic blackjack; a group of cards belongs to you.

When you or the dealer draw a card and receive more than 21 in total it is called bust. Whoever busts loses the game.

This is also called a natural hand. It is a situation where your first two cards score 21 points exactly. This is possible only with a ten valued card and an ace.

This is also referred to as a push. During a tie, your wager is given back to you.

Hard Hand:
A hand which does not have an ace, or has an Ace counted as 1.

Soft Hand:
A hand which has an ace valued as 11 is termed as soft hand.

Early Surrender:
Prior to the dealer checking for blackjack you can opt to surrender. This is termed as early surrender.

Even Money:
Even money refers to cashing your bet instantly at a 1:1 payout proportion when you are being dealt a natural and the showing card of dealer is an Ace.

The dealer:
There are strict rules governing the dealer hand. The dealer cannot bet, so there is no option for surrender or double down for the dealer. The dealer cannot opt for split or buy insurance.

In most cases the table has “stand on all 17” regulation. This implies that dealer should draw extra cards until reaching a score of 17. On reaching 17 or higher the dealer will stand. This is a small but critical rule. There are many occurrences of Stand on 17 only in blackjack games.

 In live blackjack online game it is conventional to tip the dealer when you win. But while playing against the computer you are not expected to do this.

The winnings:
The betting logic and the payoff table in blackjack are simple. You are offered 1 to 1 when your hand wins. You are paid 2 to 1 if your insurance is invoked (when you have insured your wager and the dealer had a natural hand). You are paid 3 to 1 in case you hold a natural blackjack (Only exception is when the dealer also holds a natural blackjack where you get back your bet and it is a tie).